About Faast Fitt Auto

Faast Fitt Battery and Auto commenced trading in 1994. Since our inception Faast Fitt has grown from 1 store to 6 stores.

We are the automotive battery specialists, with the Faast Fitt brand owners great grandfather starting The Christchurch Battery Company in 1919 – giving us 100 years of battery history. Indeed, it may be said that some Faast Fitt staff have acid in their veins.


We have an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge that has been accumulated over the past 100 years. However, technology is rapidly changing and as such we offer sales, repairs and re-manufactured EV batteries.

As well as deep cycle batteries and solar systems for batches, off grid and cribs. Service is important to us and our motto is "awesome service".

Our FREE Testing and FREE fitting service is a testament to this philosophy. If at any time you feel that this has not been achieved please do let us know.


Faast Fitt Auto is a battery recycling collect agent for Dominion Trading Ltd, NZ’s largest battery recovery agent. Drop off your battery to us. We palletise the old batteries, strap and shrink wrap them and deliver to Dominion Trading, who containerize them, export them and ship them to battery smelters - all in compliance with the international BASIL Agreement. Some 98% of the old battery is recovered for recycling. The lead is re-smeltered, the plastic is chipped and re molded and the acid is re-used, all to make new batteries.

Faast Fitt Battery and Auto are the South Island's largest privately owned and operated battery wholesaler. We have been in the business of supplying batteries and accessories to the people of the South Island for over 50 years. Our automotive electrical business based in Christchurch, Rangiora and Dunedin, specialises in the supply and servicing of all auto electrical & electronic parts and components for motor vehicles, air conditioning repairs, and batteries.