Fresh import vehicle compliance

At Faast Fitt Auto we have an enormous level of experience in getting those "problem vehicles" complied
Our experience has been accumulated from over 12 years of vehicle imports - from Morris Minors to accident damaged Nissan GTR and Mazda RX7, from amphibious cars to campervans, from Porsche and Mercedes, to Dodge Ram and Ford F150 utes, to Cadillac and Lincoln and Chevorelet Corvette cars, we can undertake all the repairs, from rust to structural.


We can do everything from accident damage to simply sourcing the correct paperwork for your new "Special Interest" or "LHD" permit vehicle. Low volume certification, vehicle damage / rust cert, no problem. We can work with you to get the vehicle to a level where it can pass the rigorous NZTA Vehicle compliance process.

Please contact Faast Fitt City, 03 3660524