Solar Panels Caravan/Campervan

Keen to hit the road in your campervan/caravan without all the worries of maintenance and how you’re going to charge it?

With 25 years’ experience, FaastFitt is your expert in solar panel charging systems.

Solar powering charging has many benefits. You can save money on fuel and have the freedom to run your electronics and fans, powered by the sun. It’s a silent, environmentally
friendly way to have as much energy that you need.

After installation, it has little maintenance and will last you a long while.

We can sort out a solar charging system in various vehicles and more, including:

  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Campervans
  • RV
  • Your off the grid piece of paradise

We have a wide range of solar panels, from 20 watts to 360 watts with the correct charge controllers to match. We also have a large range of inverters, up to 9000 watts.

We have the confidence and expertise to install even the most difficult installations.